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The Latest News

Harrogate  at 7.00pm

Our next Zoom meeting will be on

Friday 8th December


Wendy Buckle

will be presenting a full display on

Pictures in Miniature:

the Art of Illuminated Manuscripts

Contact to be sent the link.


All welcome.

To advertise your Zoom session please give similar details of the date, the time, the title and the email to be used to obtain the link.

Send them to

Zoom Meetings for Wakefield PS
Doors open at 6.45pm

To obtain the link email:

Change of Venue

In future York PS will be meeting at

The Community Room

Tesco Supermarket

Askham Bar

York YO24 1LW

Full details and maps can be found on York Philatelic Society Website on both the ‘Welcome’ page and ‘Finding Us’ page.

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