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Incorporating updates approved at the 2022 AGM


The name of the Association shall be “The Yorkshire Philatelic Association”.



     The objectives shall be:

2.1 To bring together by affiliation, philatelic societies and study groups in Yorkshire and adjacent areas.
2.2 To assist in the formation of philatelic societies and study groups in the area and to promote the development of existing societies and study groups.
2.3 To create friendship and understanding between members of all affiliated bodies by promoting the exchange of visits and displays.
2.4 To hold an annual convention, either organised by the Association or by the invitation and sponsorship of an affiliated body.

2.5 To organise annual competitions for members of affiliated societies as part of the annual convention, and to promote exhibitions.

2.6 To set up and maintain a website giving full information about the Association, news of events in the area and showing useful links to other philatelic bodies, and to provide upon request hard copies of any material.

2.7 To form a Panel of Speakers willing to give talks and/or displays, and to post this on the website.

2.8 To maintain contact and work with the Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS) or its successor as national federation.

2.9 The Management Committee is authorised to undertake activities which will be conducive to the furthering of philately in Yorkshire.



3.1 Membership of the Association shall be open to any Society or Study Group as defined in 2.1 above.
3.2 Any society or study group wishing to become affiliated shall make application to the Management Committee of the Association, who shall decide whether or not the applicant body shall be admitted. Any appeal against the Management Committee decision shall be heard by the Executive Committee of the Association, whose decision shall be final.



4.1 The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by the Management Committee.
4.2 The Management Committee shall consist of the delegates appointed by societies and the Officers of the Association.
4.3 The appointed delegates shall be on the basis of one delegate per society.

4.4 The Officers of the Association are: the President, the Senior Vice-President, the Junior Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, the Webmaster and others as considered necessary.

4.5 The Management Committee shall hold office from the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in each year until the AGM in the following year.
4.6 The Management Committee shall invite nominations for the election of Officers at the AGM. These nominations, signed by the nominee and by a proposer and seconder, shall be delivered to the Hon Secretary no later than 31st March of every year. The term of office of the President and Vice-Presidents shall be two years, and for other Officers, one year.
4.7 The President shall act as Chairman during his/her term of office. If the President is not available those present will elect a chairman for that meeting.
4.8 Honorary Vice-Presidents may be recommended by the Management Committee to the AGM for election, to recognise their service to the Association. Not more than three may be in office at any one time, and such Vice-Presidents may attend meetings of the Management Committee, and by invitation, meetings of Sub-Committees, but shall have no voting rights.
4.9 All Officers and Management Committee members serve in an honorary capacity only.
4.10 The Management Committee shall have powers to co-opt someone of its choice to serve on any committee for a particular purpose or expertise. Such person shall have no voting rights and shall serve only up to the end of the period applicable to that particular purpose.
4.11 The Management Committee shall authorize such services and activities as it considers in keeping with the objectives of the Association, and shall recommend Officers to the AGM to organise these. These Officers shall be responsible to the Management Committee.



5.1 The Management Committee may from time to time appoint from among its members such Sub-Committees as it shall deem necessary or expedient, and may depute to them such of its powers and duties as it may determine. Such Sub-Committees shall periodically, or as required by the Management Committee, report their proceedings to the Management Committee and conduct business in accordance with the directions of the Management Committee.
5.2 The Executive Committee shall be such a sub-committee and shall consist of The President, Senior Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, Competition Secretary and up to three members of the Management Committee co-opted by the Executive Committee.
5.3 The Executive Committee shall hold office from the AGM in each year until the AGM in the following year.
5.4 Decisions taken by the Executive Committee shall be recommended to the Management Committee for comment and approval.



6.1 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held at the Annual Convention of the Association, which shall be held, if possible, on the second Saturday of June. All fully paid-up members of the affiliated societies or study groups shall be entitled to be present.
6.2 At least 28 days previous written notice shall be given to each affiliated society or study group of such Convention and AGM.
6.3 Resolutions for inclusion on the AGM agenda must be delivered to the Hon Secretary no later than 31 March of every year. The AGM agenda will be issued following the Spring Management Committee meeting.
6.4 The only business which shall be transacted at the AGM shall be: -
  (i)    The receiving of reports of the Management Committee.
  (ii)   The receiving of the examined statement of accounts for the year of office.
  (iii)  The conferring of the honour of President of the Association, and the election of Officers.

  (iv)   The reporting to the meeting of the results of postal ballots.

  (v)    The discussion and approval of any other matters submitted in writing a minimum of 56 days before the AGM and notified with the notice of the meeting.

  (vi)   The election of the Honorary Examiner for the ensuing year. No officer or member of any committee will be eligible for the appointment as Examiner.


7.1 The number of meetings of the Management Committee shall be not less than two per year and shall be called by the Secretary in Spring and Autumn upon dates agreed by the Management Committee.
7.2 Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called as required, but shall not be less than two per year.



8.1 An extra-ordinary meeting of the Management Committee shall be called by the Hon Secretary on the written request of not less than six members of the Management Committee, and 28 days’ notice of such meeting shall be given to the members, specifying the business to be transacted. Only such business as is specified in the notice may be transacted at such a meeting.



9.1 The quorum of the AGM shall be not less than 20 members, including at least 3 members of the Executive Committee.
9.2 The quorum for meetings of the Management Committee shall not be less than 9 members, including at least 3 members of the Executive Committee.
9.3 The quorum of the Executive Committee shall not be less than 3 members.



10.1 Voting at meetings shall be by show of hands or by ballot at the discretion of the President or elected Chairman. All delegates and Officers shall have a right to vote. The President or elected Chairman shall have a casting vote where a decisive result is impossible otherwise; any resolution or election shall be decided by a majority vote. 

10.2 Voting at the AGM shall, in the case of election of Officers and amendments to the Constitution and Rules, be by postal ballot on forms to be provided by the Hon Secretary, delivered with the written notice of the AGM referred to in clause 6.2 and 8.1. Ballot forms will be delivered by email unless a hard copy is requested. Each affiliated society, as defined by clause 2.1 is entitled to one vote. The completed ballot forms, signed by the secretary or other responsible officer of the affiliated society, shall be in the hands of the Hon Secretary not later than 10 days before the date of the AGM. Voting on other matters shall be in accordance with clause 10.1.



11.1 The Financial Year of the Association shall be from the 1st April to 31st March in the year following.
11.2 A copy of the examined accounts shall be supplied to each affiliated society or study group in time for consideration at the Management Committee's Spring meeting, before going to the Association's AGM for formal acceptance or otherwise.
11.3 All monies held by the Hon Treasurer on behalf of the Association shall be kept in accounts in the name of the Association. The number and location of accounts shall be recommended by the Hon Treasurer and approved by the Management Committee.
11.4 Members holding money on behalf of the Association shall maintain accounts in a manner required by the Hon Treasurer.
11.5 The Management Committee shall be authorised to reimburse the whole or part, at their discretion, of reasonable expenses incurred by the Officials of the Management Committee on Association business.



12.1 An annual subscription, of such amount as may be recommended annually by the Management Committee for approval at the AGM, for each senior member of the affiliated bodies. The number of senior members shall be the number on the rolls of the affiliated bodies at the last meeting of the affiliated body's previous financial year, and shall be certified as such by the affiliated body's treasurer.
12.2 In the case of societies or study groups with national or international membership the subscription payable shall be calculated on the membership of those members residing within the catchment area of the Association, as defined in 2.1.
12.3 The annual subscription shall be due on 1st April and shall apply to the following year.



13.1 Fees and subscriptions shall be recommended by the Management Committee at the Autumn meeting and shall be put to the vote at the Association's AGM for final acceptance or otherwise.



14.1 Any society or study group whose subscriptions remain unpaid after one year shall be given notice of the arrears by the Hon Secretary or Hon Treasurer of the Association, and if such arrears are not paid by the following 1 June, the society or study group shall automatically cease to be affiliated to the Association. Such a society or study group shall not be re-admitted until the arrears have been paid and further application for affiliation made.



15.1 Any society or study group desirous of ceasing their affiliation shall give notice in writing to the Hon Secretary of the Association not less than four months before the financial year-end at which resignation is to take effect. No part of the fees or subscriptions already paid shall be returnable to such society or study group.



16.1 The Rules specified in this document shall be considered as the Association's Rules.

16.2 The Management Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these Rules. The decision of the Management Committee upon any question of their interpretation, or upon any matter affecting the Association and not provided for in these Rules shall be final and binding on the affiliated bodies.
16.3 Any appeal against the decision of the Management Committee on any of the above matters shall be brought to the AGM in accordance with Rule 6.4(v).  


17.1 These rules may only be amended at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association called for that purpose. A simple majority of votes cast, referred to in 10.2, at an AGM is required for approval of such an amendment. At an Extraordinary General Meeting, referred to in 8.1, a simple majority of votes cast at the meeting is required for the approval of such an amendment.
17.2 Notification of any amendment to these rules shall be given in writing to the Hon Secretaries of the affiliated bodies within 28 days of passing such amendments.



18.1 Only paid-up members of affiliated societies and study groups shall participate in the Association's activities.
18.2 Those members participating in the Association's activities must abide by the rules of those activities.
18.3 The Officer in charge of any activity may decide not to allow a member to participate, or withdraw that member's participation, if he/she feels the circumstances so warrant. The member has a right of appeal to the Management Committee.



19.1 A meeting to wind up the Association shall be called by the Hon Secretary for that purpose, and due notice of the meeting shall be sent to each affiliated society and study group at least 28 days before such a meeting.
19.2 In the event of the Association being wound up, the Management Committee shall have authority to determine the disposal of the remaining assets, after all liabilities have been met, for the benefit of philately in general.
19.3 The records of the Association shall be offered to the Spear Museum of Philately at the Royal Philatelic Society, London and otherwise treated as assets.


Dated 28th May 2022

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