2021 AGM

Minutes of the 74th Annual General Meeting of the YPA.

Held at Pudsey Civic Centre, Saturday 20th November 2021.

At the beginning of the meeting the outgoing President Neil Ritchie handed over the Presidency to

Keith Burton FRPSL (Harrogate), who took the Chair.  The new President welcomed everyone to the meeting, declaring it to be quorate, having 20 members present.

1. Apologies

John Sussex RDP (Hull), Glenn and Jill Fearons (Barnsley/Wakefield), Nigel Harpham (Leeds), Geoff Reynolds (Redcar), Graham Winters (Wakefield), Bill Shand (Stockton), Richard and Yvonne Wheatley (Bradford and Leeds), Alan Green (Harrogate). Also Chris Phillips (Scarborough/Bridlington) and Ted Lunn (Scarborough) - received by email later on the day.

 2. Minutes of previous AGM (2019)

These had been circulated before the meeting.Acceptance proposed by Richard Hindle, seconded by Rodney Knight.Passed nem. con.

3.     Matters Arising.               None

4.     President’s Report  (sort of)

It has been a difficult two years for everyone so I am delighted to see you all here today. I am very grateful to the Leeds Society for their provision of the facilities here for us to hold our meeting.

        Interestingly philately seems to have been a help to many who have started collecting or picked up an old collecting habit. Your YPA committee have tried to help this by holding regular Zoom meetings, hoping that it would bring people together and build contacts between old and new collectors. Those who attended were mainly those involved in the original decision to hold meetings. Even though the dates and contact details were sent out to our member societies there was little or no response. Clearly that was not what you as the members wanted so I have a question for you – What you do you want the YPA to do? Bear in mind that you are YPA – not just the Officers and your society representatives.

        I know of Federations that are falling by the wayside – no-one will take on tasks, no-one will put    forward ideas, no-one will do anything other than come up with “Why don’t the federation do something?” I do not intend to be president of a talking shop. I do want to finish my presidency feeling that the period was well-spent and that I have made a difference, but I cannot do it alone. Nor can it only involve the secretary, treasurer and vice-presidents.

        It is wonderful to report that steps are already underway for the next Convention, courtesy of Wakefield Philatelic Society. It will be held on 9th July at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. The process of making it as good as possible has been taken on board by the Wakefield Committee – I am very grateful for their foresight and willingness to be the front runners on this. They will need help and there will be opportunities both before and on the day to provide them with support and help, e.g. advertising, putting up frames, coming on the evening before or early on the day, helping to take things down after the event and so on.  Don’t wait to be asked – offer your help now.  Prepare your competition entry or display – whatever you can offer and do will help to make the day a good return to a full YPA Convention.  I remember going to Wakefield for a previous one – on the same day that the Tour de France was starting from Leeds and heading towards Harrogate – great timing! I still had a wonderful time.

         And then there is 2023 - which society will take up the mantle as Wakefield puts it down?  I am not aware of any offers yet.  Is it your society’s turn alone or in a partnership?  The Wakefield society has created a comprehensive planning template for running the event which could prove a real asset for any society hosting a future Convention.

        I look forward to working with and meeting you all.

5.      Treasurer’s Report.   (Treasurer’s report for the years 2019/20 and 2020/21 already circulated.)

The Treasurer thanked his predecessor Peter Chadwick for passing on paperwork and Keith Burton for preparing the layout of the accounts for presentation.

Tony Plumbe queried the insurance charges, which were subsequently clarified as pertaining to public liability insurance for events and insurance cover for the YPA trophies, some of which are valuable.  Richard Hindle asked whether the Public Liability also covered conventions, which it does.

The matter of website fees and which 2-year periods they covered was clarified.  This item does not appear in the 2019/20 accounts because a 2-year fee was paid in the previous financial year.

It was also explained that the item ‘Exhibition Fees’ pertains to the Yorkshire entry into the Interfed competition at Stampex.

Acceptance of Accounts proposed by D McMillan, seconded R Hindle.  Passed nem. con. 

6.      Competition Secretary’s Report.

Robert McMillan reported that there had been no competitions during the 2019/20 and 20/21 seasons.   Covid restrictions caused the cancellation of the YPA Convention in both seasons and it had not proved practicable to transfer competitions to run at today’s event.  It is intended to run a full programme of competitions in 2022, including the newly adopted classes (Astro Philately, Maximaphily, Ephemera  and Modern) which would have been introduced in 2020.  Full details are on the website.

Tony Plumbe commented that it would be good to display more than just the winning and second placed entries at the convention.  It was agreed that this was desirable, but could not be guaranteed and would depend upon the number of faces available.  (Note: with the possibility of entries in 13 classes, 13 frames – i.e. 26 faces – might be needed just for 1st/2nd placed entries.  This does not take Literature entries into account.)

Dates and further information will be sent to societies when it is known what display facilities will be available and a decision has been taken on live or remote judging (using scanned material).  This will be after London 2022.


7.      Election of Officers

 No nominations had been received to fill the vacant positions and there were no volunteers.  The rôles of Publicity Officer, Trade Liaison Officer and Youth Officer were outlined.  Anyone willing to consider these positions should contact either the President or the Secretary.


                                             President:                           Keith Burton

The following officers were confirmed in their positions, having been proposed from the Chair

                                             Vice President:                  Robert McMillan

                                             Junior Vice-President:    Richard Hindle

                                             Secretary:                           Daphne McMillan

                                             Treasurer:                          Philip Reynolds

                                             Competition Secretary:   Robert McMillan


8.      Appointment of Examiner


The duties of an examiner were clarified, after which Rodney Knight (York) volunteered for the job and was welcomed with open arms.  His proposal was seconded by Richard Hindle.


9 .    Any Other Business.  None had been notified.


General discussion.

Richard Hindle asked about having some verification of ownership of actual material if scanned material is used for judging purposes.  And later it was suggested that maybe a random check  (one entry?) could be made to discourage abuse.  Chair expressed the view that if anyone were found to be cheating, they would be banned from all future competitions.

It was thought that some members might need help with producing scans of their entries.  Other members of societies or local libraries could probably help.

It is not yet known which type of frames and in what numbers might be available to come back to Yorkshire after London 2022.  Until this is known, housing costs cannot easily be assessed, but will need to be as low as possible, taking into account the need for a safe, secure and weatherproof location.  Edith Knight will obtain information about the location used by the Spanish Study Circle.

Any information about society Zoom meetings may be sent to the secretary, who undertakes to circulate it as before (direct links can be included).  For information to go on the website, a contact from whom the link can be obtained is needed  No direct links to go on website.


The meeting closed at 3.20.