Minutes of the YPA Management Meeting held at Morley on 28th May, 2022.


Present: Keith Burton (President), Robert McMillan (Senior Vice Pres. & Competition Secretary) Richard Hindle (Junior Vice President & Sheffield), Daphne McMillan (Secretary.), John Edwards, (Youth Officer), Ted Lunn (Bridlington), Tony Plumbe (Leeds), Geoff Reynolds (Redcar and Cleveland), Chris  Phillips (Scarborough), Graham Winters (Wakefield), Colin Lea (York).

1 Apologies: Philip Reynolds (Treasurer), Glenn Fearons, John Sussex, Rachel McHugh, Neil Ritchie, Yvonne Wheatley.

2 President’s report:

The President welcomed delegates to the meeting and went on to talk briefly about the forthcoming Convention, thanking the members of Wakefield society for their meticulous preparation work.

He talked about the ongoing work being undertaken on the website to make it more relevant to the Association’s needs.  Many sections have already been extensively updated.

He expressed disappointment on only having undertaken two society visits so far and suggested to the society representatives that they might remind their Programme Secretaries that YPA Presidents usually aim to visit most of the affiliated societies during their tenure, but they do need to be invited.

3 Treasurer’s report:

It was only possible to present an overview of the accounts, however fuller accounts will be emailed to societies as soon as available before the AGM.  Figures presented are as follows:

Current Account: £989.56,  Reserve account: £2019.62,  Cash in hand: £50.12.

4 Website update

There is still a lack of information about the hosting of and payment for the YPA website.

We are keen to advertise any Zoom meetings arranged by societies, who should provide an email contact so that access codes may be obtained.  (Access codes will not be posted.)

Societies establishing new websites may send the details to Keith Burton who will put a link on the website.

Societies are asked to make suggestions for additions or modifications they would like to see on the site.  The aim is to update the site every two weeks

5 Convention update

Flyers with information about the convention and maps of the location were available for attendees to distribute to their societies.

There is still an outside possibility that societies’ frames may be needed.

6 Future Conventions

No host society has yet been secured for the 2023 convention..

Tony Plumbe mentioned the possibility that Leeds might consider hosting in 2023 (possibly jointly with another society) but wanted to observe the running of this year’s convention before making a commitment.

Chris Phillips said that Scarborough might be a possibility for 2024.

Graham Winters initiated a discussion on having a permanent, more central base for the convention, but the feeling was that it was better for the convention to move around the area.

7 Updating the Constitution and Rules.

There was extensive discussion on the suggested modifications, resulting in the formulation of a set of updates to be recommended to the AGM.  These changes will be sent out with the formal notice of the AGM. 

A point not included in the previously notified list of proposed modifications was the question of numbers of members of the Executive Committee needing to be present at meetings to constitute a quorum (9.1, 9.2, 9.3).  It was felt that having reduced the number of Officers of the Association it would be more practicable to reduce the number to three in each case.  This was agreed by the meeting.

Some of the points led on to discussion not directly concerned with the Constitution.

Tony Plumbe commented that accessing the Judges tab on the ABPS website was tricky and also there was no way of knowing where the judges were located.  This would be useful information for any society wanting a judge for local competitions.

Graham Winters, as ABPS officer for liaison with Federations, undertook to explore the possibility of identifying the home Federation of judges on the website (there is a meeting in 3 weeks).

Keith Burton undertook to seek permission to have a link to the ABPS on our website.

There was some discussion regarding the minimum permissible size of a society in order for it to qualify for a vote at meetings.  This was to avoid the possibility of decisions being artificially skewed by votes representing a very small number of actual members. No minimum number was agreed but the concern was noted.

8 AOB     None

9 Date of next meeting.  26th November at 11 am.  (To be confirmed)