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Competition Results and Material on Display



1st Fakes and Forgeries of the Cape of Good Hope                      Edward Lunn            Scarborough 

85, Gold

2nd King Edward VIII as though he did not abdicate                    Christopher Phillips    Scarborough

72, Large Silver

Open Philately

1st The Wilkins-Ellsworth Trans-Polar Submarine Expedition, 1931 Richard Hindle         Sheffield

83, Large Silver-Gilt

2nd Submarines, The Unseen Hunter (Beneath the Waves)             Jill Fearons              Barnsley  

63, Bronze-Silver

Postal History

1st The Flat Topped ‘3’ of the County S.O. of the London District Post Peter Chadwick    Stockton

93, Large Gold

2nd Iceland – Civilian Censored Mail                                          John Penrose          Sheffield

83, Large Silver-Gilt

      Adelboden Postal History                                                     Alan Green            Harrogate

81, Large Silver-Gilt

      The Great Inflation                                                              Edward Lunn          Scarborough

73, Large Silver

      Postcards Home                                                                  Glenn Fearons        Barnsley

73, Large Silver

      Handstamps – Harrogate Post Office 1787-1900                   Mike Wilesmith       Harrogate

65, Silver

Postal Stationery

1st  Ceylon: 1884-94, 5c Provisional Postal Stationery Envelopes   Graham Winters     Wakefield

94, Large Gold

2nd GB King George VI Embossed Stamped to Order Envelopes and Paper Daphne McMillan   Hull

87, Gold

      British Guiana Newspaper Wrappers                                    James R Hartley      Sheffield

76, Silver-Gilt

Picture Postcards

1st A Portrait of King Edward VII                                                 Daphne McMillan   Hull

86, Gold

2nd A Fairy Tale                                                                        Julie Hitchcock       Wakefield

69, Large Silver

Traditional Philately

1st Trinidad Surface Printed De La Rue Issues 1883-94                  David Druett            Harrogate

85, Gold

2nd Great Britain Definitive Series 1950-51                                Daphne McMillan     Hull

80, Large Silver-Gilt

      Sweden – Lying Lion Issue – 1862-66                                   Charles Usher          Harrogate

75, Silver Gilt

      Silver Jubilee 1935.  They did it their way                             G Jennings             Wakefield

71, Large Silver

      Edward VIII                                                                        Christopher Phillips     Scarborough

66, Silver


1st  Unpaid Charge Marks of the UPP of GB 1840-1853               Peter Chadwick           Stockton

87, Gold

2nd The Flat Topped ‘3’ of the County S.O. of the London District Post Peter Chadwick        Stockton

80, Large Silver-Gilt

Graham Winters also won Best in Show and the Sidebottom Trophy for his Postal Stationery Entry  

Congratulations to the Entrants in the YPA 2022 Competitions

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  1. Do you know of anyone who would be willing to exchange GB used stamps from 1911 to 1921 for French used stamps? We have had a request from a Frenchman.

  2. Another question that has arrived is for details of a cachet designer in the 1970s. The name is S W Watson. Can anyone help or give guidance of where to look.?

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