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The Latest News

Harrogate  at 7.15pm

Friday 13th May for

Visit from Southampton Philatelic Society

A return visit after our April visit to them

Contact harrogateps@gmail.com to be sent the link.

All welcome


To advertise your Zoom display please give similar details of the date, the time, the title and the email to be used to obtain the link.

Send them to kburton171@outlook.com.

The 2021 YPA AGM was held

on the 20th November

during the Leeds Stamp Fair

held at Pudsey Civic Centre Hall, Dawson's Corner, Pudsey,

Leeds LS28 5TA.

The draft Minutes are on the Minutes page for you to read and think about.

YPA AGM 2022

will be held on Saturday 9th July

during the YPA Convention and Wakefield PS Fair at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, 154 Northgate, Wakefield WF1 3QX

The YPA Competition Winners will be on show - see the Competitions page for details


  1. Do you know of anyone who would be willing to exchange GB used stamps from 1911 to 1921 for French used stamps? We have had a request from a Frenchman.

  2. Another question that has arrived is for details of a cachet designer in the 1970s. The name is S W Watson. Can anyone help or give guidance of where to look.?

If you can help with either of these please send your response to kburton171@outlook.com

What's on around the region in 2022

See the Events Page.

Help the YPA develop  connections between our members.

Have your say about any of the issues raised on the website, in the YPA News or specifically regarding the AGM Minutes or Accounts. Help the YPA develop connections, share knowledge and highlight what matters between members to make the YPA relevant to all collectors.

Contact the YPA Committee by emailing mcmillandaphne@yahoo.co.uk

Advice from ABPS

on Covid - 19 

Given the current situation with COVID-19, the ABPS has given some leadership and guidance, especially given the age profile of many of those involved with our hobby.

The advice is that all Government guidelines should be followed.

It is clearly a changing situation so individual societies or members might well feel that it is advisable to have alternative arrangements in the event of another surge, variant or lockdown.

We really want to make sure that all societies promote themselves on the Internet. We feel that it is an essential way to reach new members, particularly those wishing to find a new hobby or reignite a hobby of their youth. They are more likely to be internet-wise. It is also useful for keeping in touch with existing and older members, who are less able to make it to meetings.

Free of charge Website design and initial training (there are conditions and you may wish to add things which will attract fees)

CONTACT the YPA Webmaster,

Neil Ritchie