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York PS celebrates 75 Years

On the 22nd July a dinner was held at The Pavillion Hotel in Fulford as part of York Philatelic Society 75th Anniversary.

Invited guests included members from Munster Philatelic Society (York's twin town in Germany), there has been a link between the societies for over forty years. The evening consisted of a three-course meal, raffle, quiz and the exchange of gifts between Colin Lea, the Vice President of York Philatelic Society and the chairman of The Munster Philatelic Society. A selection of philatelic displays were available for people to view during the evening. 

Brauers 1.png
Book 2.png

The two books that were given to York Philatelic Society are shown here - you might need a course in German philatelic terms to get the maximum from reading them.

Below is the report which appeared in the local Munster newspaper on August 3rd. Now you need a course in German journalistic language too.

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