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Last updated 11 November 2017

This list is intended to help those preparing society programmes to find speakers willing to display within the YPA area, and perhaps beyond. When contacting speakers please try to offer alternative dates. It is courteous to offer expenses, though some speakers may not require them.

Column one shows the name and contact details of the speaker. Contact details are those which speakers have agreed to have shown on the website. Where no contact details are shown the YPA Secretary will provide them to bona fide enquiries made on behalf of societies.

Speakers are asked to check the details and notify the YPA Secretary and the Webmaster of any changes. Also notify them if you want your name and display included in this listing.





Derek Baron
Leeds & Bradford
Tel: 01943 465236
Email: derekn.baron@gmail.com

Postal History of Olomouc (Czechoslovakia)

By arrangement.

Keith Burton
Tel: 01423 569907

West Germany

By arrangement.

Mrs Janet Bygate FRPSL
Tel: 01423 358954

1. GB 2d Blues
2. George VI Samps & Postal History
3. On the Home Front WWII
4. British Armed Forces WWII
5. Scotland Postal History - Wigtonshire and/or the Stewartry of Kirkbcudbright
6. The Scottish Additional Halfpenny Mail Tax

Will display in YPA Area, elsewhere by arrangement.

John Church
Tel: 01748 810192

1. USA Civil War & Confederate States
2. Serbia
3. The Kaiser's Navy

By arrangement.

John Colton
Tel: 01709 838682

1. Bavaria
2. The Franking System (3 seperate diplays: I, II and III)

Will display to YPA affiliated societies, elsewhere by arrangement.

John A Edwards FRPSL
Leeds (Pontefract)
Tel: 01977 793566
Leave message on answerphone if no reply

1. United States 19th Century stamps and/or postal history
2. Dodoes, Seals and the City that Died
3. Wagons West
4. Byways of Philately

By arrangement, not Winter dates.

Brian Fluist
Contact via Mrs Barbara Inger

Mainly GB

By arrangement.

Don Hallett
Contact via Mrs Barbara Inger

1. Czechoslovakia
2. World War I

By arrangement.

Phillip Harriman
Tel: 01287 637270

1. The Guisborough Post
2. Cleveland Postal History
3. Folded Machine Booklets
4. The 1990 Double Head Issue

By arrangement.

Richard Hindle
Tel: 0114 258 5988
Email: richard.hindle@hotmail.co.uk

Polar Exploration

By arrangement.

David Horner
Tel: 01924 271364

1. British Empire Exhibition 1924/1925
2. Channel Islands Occupation Period
3. Yorkshire Postal History - pre-stamp to present

By arrangement.

Mrs Barbara Inger
Tel: 01773 784833

1. Ceylon
2. Scottish (Clyde) Islands
3. New Zealand Local Posts

By arrangement.

Mike Inger
Tel: 01773 784833

1. History of the USA
2. USA Definitive Stamps & Postal Stationery
3. Tour of Scandinavia
4. Europa

By arrangement.

Mrs Edith Knight
Tel: 01904 796825
Email: edithk@tiscali.co.uk

1. Mallorca
2. Spanish Railways

By arrangement.

Rodney Knight
Tel: 01904 796825
Email: tavave@tinyworld.co.uk

1. China
2. Bulgaria to 1946

By arrangement.

John Lacey
Tel: 01472 230745

New South Wales

By arrangement.

Leeds Philatelic Society Collections
Contacts: Custodian of the Leeds Collections, Richard Smith,
or the Leeds PS Secretary, John Edwards (contact details above).

1. Reference Collection of Fakes, Forgeries and Bogus Issues (full display)
2. The Edwin Peters Collection of Horsforth Postal History (half a display)
3. The Francis Buckley Collection of Yorkshire Postal History (half a display)
4. A General Leeds Postal History Collection (half a display)

Will display in YPA area, elsewhere by arrangement.

Mike Lewis
Tel: 01904 701464
Email: mikeval9b@yahoo.co.uk

1. Killed in Action
2. GB QV line engraved
3. GB The 4 Kings
4. Darlington Postal History & The Stockton & Darlington Railway

By arrangement.

Derek Lillee
Tel: 01845 523942

1. York & District Postal Hitory
2. Thirsk Post Cards
3. Malton & Pickering Postal History
4. India - something a little different
5. South Africa
6. Christmas Seals
7. Cinderella displays (various)

By arrangement.

Ted Lunn
Tel: 01723 892253

1. South Africa
2. Early South African States

By arrangement.

Mrs Daphne McMillan
Tel: 01482 840836

1. Life & Times of George VI
2. GB George VI
3. WWII Allied Material
4. French Antarctic Territory

By arrangement.

Robert McMillan
Tel: 01482 840836

1. Falkland Islands
2. Falkland Islands Dependencies & BAT
3. Norwegian Whaling Mail
4. Antarctic Exploration
5. Kingston upon Hull Postal History

By arrangement.

Chris Phillips
Email: chris@philatelic.org.uk

1. The Story of Newlands Road PS, run and organised by the children themselves for 14 years
2. Edward VIII - Stamps, Postal History, Cinderella and non-philatelic itrms
3. GB Overprints
4. Mixed Show - Bolivia, Burma and Nepal

By arrangement.

Jeremy Piercy
Tel: 01904 646390

1. GB Returned Mail pre-stamp to 1918
2. Returned Mail WWII
3. Returned, recycled, damaged, delayed. invalid - modern GB Postal History

By arrangement.

Donald Radley
Tel: 0114 230 2020
Email: donald.radley@btinternet.com

GB Overprints

By arrangement.

Geoff Reynolds
Tel: 01642 478229

1. Zeppelin Mails
2. Germany - various

By arrangement.

Neil Ritchie
Tel: 07720 040 152
Email: neilritchie@netscape.net

1. Russia - The Great War, Revolution and Beyond
2. Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919

By arrangement.

Roman Rimonis
Tel: 01274 576874
Email: rrimonis@btinternet.com

1. Forgeries
2. Belgium - all periods

By arrangement.

Peter Rix
Tel: 01423 871909

1. The Work of Czelaw Slania
2. Airmail Samps pre WWII
3. Imperial Airways

By arrangement.

Michael J Roberts
Email: mjvr@btinternet.com

1. Postal History of the Falklands
2. Postal History of the Isles of Scilly
3. Postal History of the Scottish Islands
4. South American Intercontinental Airmails

By arrangement.

Mike Roberts
Tel: 01484 821500

1. Philately will get you Nowhere
2. Gambia Stamps & Postal History
3. Sarawak Stamps & Postal History
4. Pakistan (various)
5. Joining the Great Philatelic Society in the Sky

By arrangement.

William (Bill) Shand
Email: bill-evelyn@ntworld.com

Straits Settlements

By arrangement.

Max Smith
Email: max.smith@blueyonder.co.uk

1. To & From India by Sea
2. To & From India by Air
3. The Indian Mutiny
4. Registered Mail to India

By arrangement.

Trevor Smith
Tel: 01469 572354

France - Various Aspects

By arrangement.

Roy Stephenson
Tel: 01262 228637

1. Newfoundland
2. Spain
3. Cricket (Theme)

By arrangement.

John Sussex, RDP, FRPSL
Tel: 01759 302663

Modern GB Postal History, 20th Century

By arrangement.

Bill Thorpe
Contact via Robert McMillan

1. George V Badge Issues of St Helena & Accension
2. South Atlantic Islands

By arrangement.

Dr Rod Unwin
Tel: 01422 375915

1. Palestine
2. Arab Kingdom of Syria
3. Syria to 1919
4. Transjordan

By arrangement.

Rev J Walden
Tel: 01423 854886

1. "Wacky-Wacky"
2. 1938 - What Happened?
3. A Cruise down the River Thames
4. Stamp Designers Sometimes get Forgotten
5. A Tour of Norfolk and Norwich

By arrangement.

David Watson
Tel: 01642 814116

China - Ancient & Modern

By arrangement.

Richard Wheatley FRPSL
Leeds & Bradford
Tel: 0113 260 1978
Email: arewhyuu@talktalk.net

1. Netherlands East Indies
2. Egypt
3. Leeds Postal History
4. Spitfire (not a Thematic display)

By arrangement.

Mrs Yvonne Wheatley FRPSL
Leeds & Bradford
Tel: 0113 260 1978

1. Czechoslovakia - a number of subjects
2. Railways Postal History - GB or GB & Foreign

By arrangement.

Graham Winters FRPSL
Tel: 01924 259713

1. Ceylon (various)
2. Golf
3. King George VI GB
4. Butterfly Cards
5. East Africa Airways
6. Education
7. "What I Collect"

By arrangement.

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