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1. The YPA web site shall be dedicated to the promotion of philately in the YPA area by providing information about the YPA, member societies and other relevant philatelic activities at international, national, regional and local level.

2. The site may contain advertising matter relating to the hobby of philately, or by non philatelic organisations of a non commercial nature that sponsor philatelic activities, but the Webmaster reserves the right to refuse any advertisement considered to be harmful or detrimental to the YPA or philately in general or falling within the definition at (3) below.

3. The site shall not include anything of a libellous or defamatory nature, or anything which is offensive, or anything which may bring the YPA into disrepute.

4. The site shall be reviewed on a regular basis and amended in accordance with any changes notified to the Webmaster by officers of the YPA or affiliated societies.

October 2008
Revised January 2012

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