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At a meeting of the YPA Management Committee on 29 November 2014 the following changes were agreed for the YPA 2015 Annual Competition:

The Traditional Classes

The three Traditional Classes of "Great Britain", "British Commonwealth" and "Foreign" will be amalgamated for the purposes of judging and the award of Trophies. This is to improve the competiveness of the Traditional Classes which very often are individually only attracting one or two entries.

The Management Committee recognises that at this late stage in the session of societies' programmes many members of affiliated societies will already have planned and written up entries in the three Traditional Classes and that some societies may already have held their annual competitions from which entries to the YPA Competition are selected. Thus for 2015 as a transition to combining the three Classes, Societies can still submit separate entries in each of these three Classes, but they will all be be marked and treated as entries for the combined Class with only one winner, second place etc, and only one Trophy will be presented.

The markings for the three Traditional Classes are the same, so that the three Classes will compete on equal terms, and standards achieved will reflect the relative importance, knowledge displayed and quality of the material included in all the entries in the three Classes, irrespective of which of the three Classes they are submitted in.

A New Postcard Class

With the introduction of a Postcard Class in Stampex, the growing integration of postcard collecting with philately and the thought that we may attract a new category of collectors to our affiliated societies, the Management Committee is introducing a new Class of "Postcards" to the 2015 Competition.

Entries will be in the same format as the existing classes; that is on standard sized sheets enclosed in protectors and of 16 sheets with a first sheet giving a plan of the entry and introduction. Guidelines for this Class have yet to be produced, but as an interim guide for intending exhibitors the following marking scheme will apply to entries for the 2015 competition:

Aspect of Entry

Factors which judges will take into
account when awarding marks
Maximum Marks

1. Ideas/Plan

Originality with a clear plan on the first page which must be followed throughout the entry.


2. Treatment

The story line and outline of the subject. Types of cards etc.


3. Knowledge and

How well is it demonstrated that the exhibitor knows the subject? Books and references used, with exhibitor's own writings shown; Technical matters/Printers and Publishers.


4. Condition

Corners not blunted; no foxing or damage to the cards, but also taking into account condition due to the age of the cards and their usage and rarity, and the normal condition to be expected for them.


5. Rarity

How available are the cards shown; not just dependent upon monetary value?


6. Presentation

Is the exhibit neatly presented and well balanced? Is it pleasing to the eye?


Total Marks Available = 100

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