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The YPA has produced a new leaflet which has the dual aim of explaining all about the YPA and encouraging lone and new collectors to join a society. It is hoped that affiliated societies will find it useful to distribute at local fairs and provide copies for local dealers to help in the recruitment of new members. Copies can also be placed in local libraries and other public places (make sure you get permission first if required). Please keep the YPA Secretary and the Webmaster informed of any changes in the contact details on the back page of the leaflet. Updated versions will be posted from time to time.

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Reader click the Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon below to download a free version.

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Download the Leaflet here: YPA Publicity Leaflet

The leaflet is designed to be printed on both sides of an A4 sheet of paper and folded in half.

Notice Posted 2 June 2016


The three hosting societies for the 2015 YPA Convention felt that it would be helpful to produce guidance for other societies thinking of hosting the event. They felt that societies who had never undertaken the hosting of a Convention might be hesitant to take on the task as they did not know how to go about it.

Leeds, Bradford and District and Harrogate Philatelic Societies have therefore produced a Guidance Document for Societies who are Hosting the YPA Convention. It can be accessed via the link below as a PDF file. The three societies hope this will encourage societies who would otherwise be reluctant to undertake the hosting of the event to do so.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to view this document
If you haven't got this Reader click the Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon below to download a free version

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Guidance on Hosting YPA Annual Conventions

Notice posted November 2016


The YPA Competition will have the following changes from the 2015 competition and thereafter, and Affiliated Societies and intending entrants should read the full information about the changes by following the link below:

The three Traditional Classes of "Great Britain", "British Commonwealth" and "Foreign"
will in future be amalgamated to form one "Traditional Class", with the option for
entries still to be submitted in all three categories for 2015 as an interim measure.

The creation of a new "Postcards Class" commencing with the 2015 Competition.

For further details go to Future Competition Changes.

Notice posted 1 December 2014


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About the Yorkshire Philatelic Association

The Yorkshire Philatelic Association (YPA) was founded in 1947 in Leeds. Initially there were ten societies, but the Association has grown over the years to its present twenty-three affiliated member societies.

The YPA aims to provide a variety of benefits for all philatelists in the area, create links between societies and form an effective bridge between philately at local and national levels.

Affiliated societies are represented by their nominated delegates. Together with the elected officers of the Association they form the Management Committee which meets twice a year to organise and run the YPA and provide a forum for discussion on matters of common interest to all philatelists in the YPA area.

The Annual Convention

The YPA Annual Convention is usually hosted by one of the affiliated societies, or the YPA if no society is able to host the event. The Convention includes, the YPA Competition entries,  dealers, the YPA Annual General Meeting, a ceremony for newly elected Yorkshire Distinguished Philatelists to sign the Roll, and may include an exhibition. Click here for forthcoming Conventions.

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